Terms & Conditions

We provide a fun space for you to play games with your friends and others across the world. We need your help to keep it an environment that is safe and fun for you.

These rules apply to all interactions with others both within the game and in our respective communities, services and environments. These standards act as a guide to how you should interact within our ecosystems, including but not limited to the examples below.

Violation of these rules could result in actions taken against your account including a permanent ban.

Personal Information

We encourage you to never share your personal information.
The sharing of personal information of others aside from display names and player IDs are not allowed across all our games and our various social ecosystems. 

Bullying and Harassment

We believe that respect is the basis of a good community – when chatting, playing or creating user names/guild names, any behaviour that is predatory, threatening, intimidating, lewd, demeaning, derogatory, invasive of privacy, or abusive will not be tolerated.

Impersonating Others

Don’t impersonate or claim to be others, whether its users, celebrities, officials, streamers, NextGamer staff or anyone else. Don’t post the work of others and pose it as your own! This would be considered stealing and could lead to severe consequences.

Cheating and Abuse

Fair play goes a long way to ensure a satisfying experience. Any discussions or attempts to cheat or exploit bugs and glitches that impact the game could lead to potential banning. If you find any exploits, we would be grateful if you could report it to us!


We encourage social interactions between people of all walks of life. Do not marginalize, demean or discriminate against other users or groups.

Illegal Activities

Discussions of or active Illegal and dangerous activities including but not limited to gambling, drug use, phishing etc is not allowed. Respect local laws and do report to us if you find others in the community discussing or participating in these illegal activities.


Violations of any of these rules will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and the appropriate action will be taken when deemed necessary. Repeat offenses and severity will be taken into consideration prior to bans or any other actions taken for the respective accounts on each game.

Accounts that have been banned may lose the rights to the game account, items and digital currencies and other items that have been either earned or purchased.

Supporting each other will lead to more fun, joy and excitement so let’s work on building a positive environment together! 

Auto-Renewable Subscription

  1. By purchasing the subscription, it is understood that the subscription will be automatically renewed unless turned off or canceled at least 24-hours before the item period ends.
  2. At the end of the free trial, the auto-renewal of the subscription will begin.
  3. You may cancel your subscription by proceeding to your Account page on your respective platform and choosing to unsubscribe.
  4. The cancellation of auto-renewal will stop subscriptions from the next cycle. Your current subscription will still be active for the remaining duration.